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Advantages of series inverter resonant power supply
Can power multiple smelting furnaces at the same time
Application of 5G network technology
New type closed cooling tower
Patented technology
Expansion from industrial applications to civil applications
Different temperatures can be generated, while meeting the needs of preheating, sintering, smelting and heat preservation. Under the premise of meeting the actual needs of preheating, sintering, smelting and heat preservation, the temperature can be precisely controlled
Multiple smelting furnaces can be set to different temperatures at the same time, which is convenient for melting different types of metals. The equipment's electricity utilization rate is close to 100%, and the output is maximized without increasing the power.
Under the premise of not increasing the power, the output is maximized, and each power cabinet has an independent power control device
Only a set of water system is needed, which can greatly reduce the cost of installation, operation and maintenance
Shennai's new generation of intelligent intermediate frequency power supplies are equipped with new 5G Internet of Things functions, making the visualization of operating data a reality. The operating data of each functional area is uploaded to the server in real time, and finally displayed on the screen. The whole process can be monitored through a computer or mobile phone. The powerful automatic warning function greatly improves the safety of production and operation. All operating data will become the reference basis for improving safety, energy saving and consumption reduction, and will be the mainstream trend of new-type intermediate frequency power supplies in the future.

Through the analysis of nearly 10,000 hours of equipment operation data and countless experiments, a new generation of split-type intermediate frequency power supply has finally been born. It is the crystallization of the wisdom and sweat of the scientific research team of Shennai, and is of great significance to failure warning, energy saving and consumption reduction.
After years of research, we now have a number of patented technologies, and the scientific research team continues to grow, laying a solid foundation for the research and development of new products.
The water flow circulates in a closed environment, is not easy to be polluted, and minimizes the impact of air impurities Corrosion of the circulation system, the heat exchanger is not easy to scale, thus reducing the maintenance cost
The airfoil-shaped wide blades and hollow aluminum alloy blades greatly reduce the operating noise, and the fully enclosed design makes low noise operation a reality
Modular combination, select the number of running models according to changes in ambient temperature, thereby reducing operating costs
The copper coil is connected to the standpipe through the thread, which is easy to disassemble. Coil tube adopts optimized design to improve heat exchange efficiency
The new type of closed cooling tower, in terms of volume, power, power consumption, noise standards, etc., fully meets the civil standards, breaking the unity of the original product use
low cost
low noise
Energy saving
Efficient operation
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