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Excellent brand of medium frequency induction heating furnace in China
Member Unit of China Foundry Association
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Since 2020, Shennai Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has entered a stage of rapid development.Invested a lot of funds in the field of technology research and development to further enhance its own strength. Products are exported to France, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and other countries, becoming a high-end enterprise in China's intermediate frequency smelting furnace industry.
In 2018, we were approved to establish the "Intelligent R&D Center for Series Resonance Induction Equipment"
Quality assurance is the principle adopted by Shennai Power
In 2019, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Luoyang City
Shennai has achieved great leap forward development since 2018 and has become an excellent brand in China's medium frequency heating furnace industry
Through years of continuous progress and self-development, shennai has been praised by users and established a solid cooperative relationship with it
The warranty period of parallel products is one year
The warranty period of tandem products is two years
We provide overseas customers with remote video guidance to install accessories
Reactor coil
Power control board
Oven leak alarm
Circuit breaker
Furnace shell
Electrolytic capacitor
Electric cabinet instrument
Induction coil
Water cooled radiator rack
Factory Address : No. 56 North Section of Wangcheng Avenue, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China
Shennai International Trading Company : No. 1101, Building B, Beihang Science and Technology Park, Luoyang City
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contact number :+86 166 3799 5604  Mr. Pei
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